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 GameMaster apply of Damage

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PostSubject: GameMaster apply of Damage   Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:49 pm

Well i made an Gm apply for dr now quite an while ago anyway i see no reason to make an new one.
Real Name: Adam
In-Game Name: ^5Damage ( dont have an ingame account yet will join the server as soon as im back from russia )
Location: Netherlands
Time zone: Gmt+1
Language(s) spoken fluently Dutch English And Russian
Age: 17
Activity(in hours a day): please be specific.

I try to be active for atleast 4 hours a day doesnt matter witch day.
Please answer the following questions entirely in your own words.

How long have you been with the Dr Gunz community?
about 1 year right now , i know it for years though
Have you ever been banned or muted on Dr Gunz? If yes, why?
My brother was hacking on an other account and got auto banned , After he got banned i tried too log-in and i was banned too.
What type of reputation do you believe you have in the community?
I dont know if people hate me if they do i dont really care too be honest people can think what they think and say what they say as long as they dont goo to far and i always try to be as nice as possible there's no need for an internet fight?As Staff, we are required to speak in a professional, well mannered and positive way. How do you feel about this?
Well i feel Confident i know my English is good and i always try to speak the best English i can
What interests you most about being a Gamemaster?

I've always wanted to be able to help the community, and I've tried ingame by helping people, but i just needed to focus back on my personal life, since i was getting bad at school and whatever, now I'm established again and i really wanna make DR the server it was when i used to play here. Clean of hackers, spammers, trolls, and full of honest players proud of their server.

Well i love that you can help the whole Comunnity
What would you say the expectations of a Gamemaster are?
I'd say it's important to keep the server clean of hackers , spammers and trolls but i think its also important to be active on the forum and ingame and be as nice as you can but i think every GM Would basicly just do the same if they saw an hacker or something compared to that so i think its important to be active alot.
What makes you better and more qualified for this position than others?

I think I'm more qualified for this position cause being a GM, I'll be doing something that i want and like. And in my mind, experience counts on this kind of job, and i have a lot of experience since i was Co-Owner of a friend server (No proof ) But i know how it works ^_^
How is your relationship with the staff team? Explain.
I think i have a good relationship with the whole staff, at least from my part. If someone has something against me i don't know. Anyways, it's impossible to make everybody love you.

Do you have any previous experience being a GameMaster?
If been co-owner at FlashGunz It was out on hamachi and died though , i also was an Gm on dreamgunz it died too i've heard rumors about them starting again but i dont really careProof: Sorry all my proof was on my old computer

how would you serve the community?

I'll keep the game clean of hackers, spammers, trolls, help the community with everything that I'm able to do so i could bring peace to DR again. And since I'm Basicly From Russia and live in netherland, instead of helping only those that can speak English, I'll be able to support, Russian/English/EU and other people.

Insightful Opinions

[Strongly Disagree] [Disagree] [Neither Disagree nor Agree] [Agree] [Strongly Agree]

Please reply to the following questions using the options listed above.

All hackers deserve to have another chance to make a new account after being banned:
Neither Disagree nor Agree ( I'd agree after they apologize)
No hackers deserve second chances:
Agree ( An hacker Deservers one after he apologizes asking me )
If a user is asking for hacks, he is going to hack in the future:
Agree ( But i'd warn him not to hack and not directly ban him )If a user is questing with a hacker he should be banned as well as the hacker:
Strongly Agree ( You can't just join an hacker questing You get the same xp and if you dont report the hacker you're also wrong )It is more important to respond to an in-game hacker report than to a forum report:
I think it's both importent people that hack and ego etc, Its just not fun for others and we wanna keep the community as good as possible right?If a user accidentally mentioned the name of another server they should be punished as if they were advertising:Strongly Disagree (Its not fun getting punished for an accident, we can always warn some one )
If a user is muted for spamming he/she shouldn't receive a warning after spamming again:
Agree ( You just got muted and are spamming again , But i'd rather give 1 warning then muting him again)On occasion, acting immature isn't that bad:
Neither Disagree nor AgreeA good reason anyone would want to be a GameMaster is so they can help host events:
Agree ( Hosting an Event Seems pretty Fun But A GM is much more then some one that only holds events )The best part of being a GameMaster is helping the community with their questions and concerns: I Strongly Agree I'd love it asking the GM something and get a straight clear answer back myself ^_^
The best part of being a GameMaster is keeping the community clean from hackers:
i also Strongly agree on this one, Hackers just aren't fun for othersIt's a good idea to take a look at the forums at least once a day:
It is i agree Arguments are okay as long as they are started for a reasonable reason and talked about in private:
It's fine for a user to ask a staff member in-game when they will be unbanned/unmuted:
Disagree i want to see it on the forum.
Situational Questions

Some player asks you to disconnect another user that is in clan war against them. He/She claims the user is hacking. How would you respond and what would your actions be?
I'd Ask him to report him ^_^ ofc you can always spectate the match and banhammer the hackerSome player is harassing another user through a whisper. He/She asks you to mute the user because he/she is bothering them. How would you respond and what actions would you take?
I'd Lissen To both stories of the players and look what's the problem if its all about nothing i'd both ask them to stop , if there is an serious problem i'd mute the player or even both of them.You come across a user with an inappropriate character name. What would your actions be?
i'd directly ask him to delete the character or he would get banned.You find two users arguing in the lobby; how are you going to prevent the argument from escalating any further?
I will ask what is the problem and see both sides of teh story and try to solve it .
You see another GameMaster arguing with a member of the community. What actions do you take against each person?
i would say u shoud'nt be argueing with a gm and i wud see the sides of the story and help solve but if it contineus argueing i will get an head administrator . You enter a private room and you find a user hacking and another user asking where to download the hacks. While you are watching, the hacker gives the other user a website to download the hacks from, and they continue talking. Obviously, you ban the person who is hacking, but what actions would you take against the other user?
I'd ban both of them You see users in a private game talking about hacking in the near future, but they are not hacking at the time. What actions would you take against both of them?
I'd warn them not to hack cus they will get banned and there's no need for that You see a user who is not staff using staff-only items in a public game. What actions would you take?
First of all I'd ask him how he got them too be sure he's the only one , i'd ban him if the reason he has for using them isn't good.A user asks you a question of which you aren't entirely sure what the answer is. What actions would you take?
I'd take contact with the other staff members
MSN: ingush@live.nl
That was my Apply
its kinda big i took the format from another server hope you all like it though <3
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PostSubject: nice.   Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:44 pm

Holy cow brada. good luck.

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PostSubject: Re: GameMaster apply of Damage   Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:47 pm

Winnie The Pooh wrote:
Holy cow brada. good luck.


Thank you horror ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: GameMaster apply of Damage   

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GameMaster apply of Damage
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