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 Hey fucktard admin

Go down 

PostSubject: Hey fucktard admin   Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:12 am

[quote=northants the failure]
Oh and Neo, GTFO, you sad 28 year old paedophile.
Go hack another server, try DarkGunz, obviously your STRIKE Team would be pro enough for them..
Or even Freestyle?
Theres a good old saying, go pick on someone your own size.

It's written "pedophile" kid, learn to write, it will be less humilliating.

Why should I hack DarkGunZ?

The last time that someone from DarkGunZ came to DR advertising, Nick, the owner talked directly with me and apologized, heeven gave me the IP of the advertiser.

We have an honor code on private servers, we don't advertise on eachother like you people did.

We're not 11 year olds like you who think they can host servers from air with no experience whatsoever, we, men, know how and when to solve our problems.

But you dumbfuck, you people advertised on DR and instead of apologizing you even flamed us?

No thanks, you started shit with DR, we end it.

Now keep flaming, that's literally ALL you kids can do.

Good fucking game, next time YOU should pick on someone YOUR own size kid, messing with DR leads to a shutdown, you should know that before fucking with us.

Have a nice day.

NeoDio, the guy who owned you for fucking with DR.

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Hey fucktard admin
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